The 7 Elements of a “Broke Horse”


The following is by Bob Avila. Published in the August 2006 issue of Horse and Rider

1.  A Good Foundation: A broke horse has been started well by a good trainer. No shortcuts. Trained, not forced.

2. Mileage: A broke horse is  an experienced horse. Once he has completed his basic training he is hauled and ridden regularly. As a result he can handle new situations.

3. Maintenance: Horses are creatures of habit. To make a truly broke horse you have to teach him good habits then remind him regularly to keep them.

4. Variety:  A broke horse isn’t just good at one thing. Because he is broke he gets to do a lot of things- and because he does a lot of things he stays broke.

5. A Good Mind which equals TRUST: You can get a bad minded horse trained- but not broke. You can’t force a horse to be broke either- regardless of how good a mind he has.

6. Good Care: Really, this is self explanatory.

  1. 7.Time: The most important of elements! You can’t get a horse truly broke without time… and lots of it.

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