Quality, not Quantity

One of Chestnut Farms’ main goals is to raise, develop, and train the best possible Missouri Foxtrotters for sale in the upper midwest. Our objective is also to find each of our horses a loving, permanent home. Below are some of the criteria we aspire to accomplish with our horses before listing them for sale.

First, Chestnut Farms does not start training before the horse’s physical and emotional maturity will allow for success.  There is no sales quota to fill. Each horse’s training is approached in an individual manner.

Second, we don’t “break” our horses, we educate them.  As youngsters they are handled daily and learn to love to be around people. They trust and respect people. They are exposed to all kinds of items and environments. For each horse we are able to accurately describe their personality, attitude, work ethic, things they are skilled at, and things that are more difficult for them. We know our horses inside and out- and we will be honest in the representation of them.

We have set criteria that guides our training program. Every horse for sale is educated in a variety of skills. The mastery of these skills impacts each horse’s price.

Our horses understand lateral bending, moving off your leg, turn on the fore and turn on the hind. They willingly flex at the poll and are giving to gentle pressures.  They understand subtle cues from seat and leg pressure for speed. They all have a good whoa. We spend a good amount of time in the arena working on the basics listed above that all well trained horses need. In the warmer months each horse spends hours on the trails- both in a group, and alone.

Perhaps the most important criteria is that our horses are co-operative. This may sound simple- but think of how many people have issues with their current horses because they are uncooperative!  Every horse at Chestnut Farms has been trained using these criteria.

Our horses are great for beginner riders, but are really appreciated by educated riders.

For further information please contact:  chestnutfarms@me.com

or call Jeanne at 612-669-9673