Important questions to ask before you buy your new horse.

This list was adapted from an article in Horse and Rider magazine.

These questions are intended to allow buyers to gather information about a horse they are considering purchasing, whether at Chestnut Farms or elsewhere. Typically a potential buyer asks these questions in conversation with the seller. We encourage you to print out this form and jot down notes about each horse you consider a serious contender. Having the answers written down helps keep important facts straight about the different horses. Buyers who are fully informed know exactly what they are getting.  Please feel free to print out a copy and use these questions... where ever the search for your new horse leads you.

What is the horse’s nickname?  Describe their personality?

Do they have any issues or quirks? 

(All horses have them. This isn’t necessarily bad, as it often adds to their personality.)

Are they easy to catch?

What are their ground manners like?

How are they for the farrier? Have they been shod before? When were they last trimmed?

How are they for the vet?

What kind of trailer are they used to?  How do they load?

What is their training history ? 

What type of riding have they had lately?

What type of saddle and bit have been used? Are there any special reasons for using a particular bit, saddle, pad, etc?

How is their attitude in new situations?

Is there anything in particular that this horse is afraid of, or nervous about?

What types of desensitized training have they had?

Can they be ridden alone? Away from a group?

What are their best qualities?

What are their worst qualities?

What is their position in the herd hierarchy?

What have they been fed and in what quantities?

Are they an easy or hard keeper? 

What type of living environment are they used to?

What type of fencing are they used to?

When were they last vaccinated?  wormed? float?

Is there any history of health problems? Past illnesses? Previous injuries? 

Can I get a copy of their health records from your vet?