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Missouri Fox Trotters  for sale at Chestnut Farms

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On this page are listed the horses for sale at Chestnut Farms. Click on each horse’s individual page for more details. Some of the horses have video clips. If you have trouble viewing the clips please contact me, as I can usually send a link that works for most people.

Also on our site the “Quality, not Quantity”  page helps to explains our process and expectations in training. We encourage you to read other articles on this site that pertain to buying a horse such as, The 7 Elements of a Broke Horse , Thinking of buying a horse? and Important Questions to Ask. We believe in, and aspire to have, all our horses achieve the levels of training discussed on those pages. For us it is more important to make sure there is a good match between horse and rider, and not just make a sale. If you are looking for a long term companion please explore the horses for sale at Chestnut Farms!

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Jeanne at 612-669-9673