Welcome to Chestnut Farms
Missouri Fox Trotters in Minnesota

Chestnut Farms is located in beautiful, central Minnesota, approximately 45 minutes northwest of Minneapolis. We are committed to the promotion of Missouri Fox Trotters in the upper mid-west.

A primary goal at Chestnut Farms is to raise and train extraordinary horses for sale.  In addition, we offer lessons and training to help those who own gaited, and non-gaited horses develop the best from them.

Our “Horses for Sale” are exceptional in many ways. Please visit our “Quality not Quantity” page to read our expectations for every horse offered for sale.  We believe in
compassionate training, allowing each horse to achieve their best “natural gait”, while maintaining a pleasant and co-operative attitude. Because our training process is extensive we do not have many horses for sale at any given time, but what we do have are some of the best around!

Chestnut Farms offers lessons to help all level of riders learn more about gaited horses, and improve their communication skills with their horse. Beginner to advanced, we want to challenge you to become an active rider who can fully appreciate your horse.  We especially encourage beginners to take lessons so they can explore what it takes to fully appreciate horse ownership before buying that first horse. 

We offer training for gaited and non-gaited horses, at all ages and abilities. Our training focuses on the goals of the owner, while also taking into consideration the needs of the horse. We make every effort to be honest and forthright in evaluating your horse and what skills both you, and they, will need to improve.

Please visit the other pages on this site to get further information regarding Horses for Sale, Training or Lessons.

In addition, Thinking of buying a horse?,   The 7 Elements of a Broke Horse, and Important Questions to Ask are pages meant to help potential owners gather information that will help in the quest to find that “perfect horse”. 

Chestnut Farms is dedicated to helping humans and horses understand each other to obtain the best possible relationship. Let us help you achieve your dream!

For further information please contact


Jeanne at 612-669-9673

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