Our Facility

At Chestnut Farms we provide our horses with the best possible care while retaining a natural environment. Our horses are on a regular schedule for worming, immunizations, vet, and farrier care.  They live outside in pastures and paddocks as much as possible, in herds with other horses.

Our pastures have been planted to provide nourishing grazing from spring to fall. At night the horses are kept close to the barns in their paddocks. During the day they are rotated out to their grazing pastures. This daily routine not only rests the pastures to ensure the highest quality grazing, but also allows every horse to be handled daily. Salt blocks are free choice. The horses have access to shelters and clean, fresh water. In the winter months we feed a blend of grass and legume hay along with a hay balancer supplement. Daily interaction with each horse allows us to recognize potential problems early. Even though our horses stay outside as much as possible, our facility allows us to bring them inside in the event of inclement weather or needed stall rest.

Chestnut Farms has two barns dedicated to our horses. The pole barn has 3 oversized stalls measuring 10x20. These large stalls provide extra space for pregnant mares, big or stall bound horses. Our remodeled “old barn”, with its bright and airy 12x12 stalls, is very horse friendly.  Both barns sit safely inside a fenced and gated yard.

We have an 80x140 outside arena, as well as a 50’ round pen with nice sand footing. We are also located within an hour of five fantastic trail riding areas which provides tremendous opportunities for our horses to have a variety of riding experiences.

For further information please contact: 


Jeanne at 612-669-9673